Is the all in one software that is going to take your team to the next level. After being used by Major D1 colleges for years we are finally bringing our product to the High School ranks and allowing coaches to do what they love and spend more time with the players and game plans. WAR ROOM’s features include, but are not limited to…

Team Management

At a glance you can see exactly what you team looks like and where you have positions of need based on class, volume of players, or many other customizable parameters. You have the ability to rip this information and print it in a moments notice.

Depth Charts

Our depth charts are the most user friendly in the whole industry you have no need to make magnets or spend your afternoons trying to figure out who is going to replace someone that goes down. you will know exactly who the next man up is from freshmen to varsity ball.


Understanding how to keep your younger guys feeding into your system is key. At War Room we have found a way where you can keep track of all of your little league programs and make sure they are coming to your school and not the school down the road.


Keeping track of how an athlete progresses is key to getting better. Our performance portion of the program is key to making sure you have the strongest most well conditioned players on the field it will have you players reaching for their personal best in the weight room on track and in the game.


Accessible to your players and staff you need everyone on the same page. This tool allows constant communication and lets you know exactly where to be and when.

Message center

Another tool that lets you keep in constant communication with your team. You can send messages to your whole team or just a select fraction. Who ever you need to contact is just a click away.

Equipment management

Stop letting your equipment walk away this is the ultimate form of accountability and has the ability to save your program 1000’s. this one feature pays for its self.

Future Features

These really depend on you and your coaching staff. At war room we are improving every day and are in constant communication with our prep schools to get them the best product possible. If you have any features that you want just ask and we will do what we can to take care of you.

How to get signed up

For pricing information and to answer any questions we are available to you and your staff during business hours.



contact us at (516) 847-4357